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29 May 2020
Vision Australia client Max Bergman is a former Paralympian, holds two PhDs and is the entrepreneur behind a revolutionary skincare brand.
26 May 2020
Connor McLeod is passionate about accessibility and a Vision Australia Further Education Bursary has him on track to reach his career goals
26 May 2020
Have you visited a website and found it difficult or impossible to navigate? Have you tried to access information or accomplish a task using a smartphone app and found it frustrating or impossible?
22 May 2020
The Vision Australia Further Education Bursary program has assisted Fabian Jones in his ambition to study a double degree at Griffith University.
21 May 2020
As one of our orientation and mobility specialists, Kelsey Shekelton supports people who are blind or have low vision by teaching them how to safely and independently navigate their surroundings.
21 May 2020
Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) will take on added celebration at Vision Australia in 2020.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Vision Australia’s Digital Access service, which has grown into an internationally recognised industry leader in the provision of digital accessibility services.
20 May 2020
Take a look at the work and effort that goes into providing audio description for TV, film, and staged performances.
18 May 2020
After 35 years as a Vision Australia volunteer, Stephen Belbin is as passionate as ever about supporting people who are blind or have low vision.
18 May 2020
Christopher Worsnop is one of the many volunteers who gives up their Christmas Eve to make the magic of Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight possible.
17 May 2020
Vision Australia kicks off National Volunteer Week 2020 with a special thank you video from our CEO Ron Hooton.